1.   Amy helps you prepare your home for market. She has a strategy to help you get items on the “honey-do” list taken care of.  She hires a stager to help you stage your home AND she hires a professional photographer to photograph your home.

2.   She knows how important all of the steps listed above are so she does it all at NO COST to you.  

3.   Amy understands the market and helps you not only have a realistic target price in mind, but she helps you strategically price your home so you can hit your targeted price.

4.   Amy knows how to target market and find buyers who will pay the most money for what you have!

In a competitive market where new homes for sale are added daily, homes that sell the quickest for the most possible have a couple key things in common.

1. They look GREAT outside.  Fresh mulch, fresh coat of paint on the front door, a couple of well placed colorful flowers, or a nice door wreath can make a big difference. Buyers don't have a lot to do while their agent is getting into the lockbox...buyers are looking at the entry way details.

2. It looks GREAT inside. The homes aren't cluttered inside. Remember, you are selling square footage not your items.  Furniture is arranged in a way that buyers can see themselves in the home.  There aren't a lot of immediate items on the "honey-do list".

3. They are priced "right".  On average buyers see 12 or more homes before putting in an offer on a home.  All the while they are comparing your home against many others.  Be sure you price your home in a way that buyers can see the value and make you an offer.  Many buyers may not want to make an offer and risk offending a seller who has over priced their home.

Amy feels so strongly about helping sellers prepare their homes for sale that she hires a handyman, stager and professional photographer at no cost to the seller.

She also knows how to target market homes to the buyers who will pay the most for them.  

For each home she markets Amy has a tailored marketing plan and budget.

Included in the seller package is a copy of a sample marketing plan and marketing budget.  On average, Amy spends $974 marketing  a home before it ever goes on the market!  Get your sellers edge package today.  

It includes:

1. A marketing budget -$350 to spend on a handyman, cleaning service, window washing, curb appeal preparation or another service that would help facilitate the sale.

2. Certificate for FREE home staging.

3. Certificate for FREE professional photos of your home.

4. Sliding Commission structure.

5. Information on our pricing strategy designed to help you sell quickly.

Why did your home not sell?

There are many reasons why homes do not sell.   It could be pricing, but more often than not it is a myriad of other reasons.  

For a successful sale all of things are needed.  

1. Pricing.  What you need to realize is that a list price is just a marketing tool.  We use it to put your home infront of the most likely buyer pool.  If we market it with too high of a price it will not show well against other homes that are priced at the same price.  If we price it "too low" it will attract a lot of buyers and it will likely show far better than ones priced at the same price point...this will likely bring multiple offers allowing the seller to choose and negotiate the very best terms for themselves. 

I am not advocating pricing homes below market.  I am advocating that people think of the list price as a marketing tool.

2. Presentation.   What does your home look like?   Is the first thought a buyer will have, "WOW, this is beautiful!" or "WOW, this needs a lot of work."  Are they noticing the features of your home or are they noticing items that will go on the "honey do list"?

3. Promotion.  Are all the features and benefits of your home being featured?  Is the home being marketed in the right places where your most likely buyer is going to see it?  


See below to get your your complimentary personalized report and marketing plan to sell your home.